Erinhill Labrador Retrievers
Bob & Cheryl Curtis
Assonet, MA 02702 - 508-446-1530
CH Erinhill's Significant Otter - "Otter"
Updated 2/21/2017

Spring is almost here...   We have had many changes since my last update.  Our adorable puppies are growing into outstanding
 Otter and JD are new Champions and they are working towards becoming Grand Champions.  We have a few new members
of the Erinhill team - I hope to add their pages over the next few weeks.  We are expecting a litter around April 20, 2017.  We
bred Erinhill's Winter Rose bred to Erinhill's O'Callahan - They will have both blacks and yellows.   

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Gigi x Hawk puppies at 5 weeks
Erinhill's Woodruff Sweet Caroline
at 4 weeks old.
Erinhill's Bear In Mind - "Corduroy" at 4 weeks old